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MasterLinker's award-winning link building system automatically builds high-quality
Penguin-optimized links to your website to help it rise to the top of search results:

The amount of attribution each backlink passes to your website is commonly referred to as Link Juice, and getting Link Juice to flow to your website is the key to getting it to rank higher in Google. The higher PageRank a site has that links to your site, the more Link Juice that link flows to your website. This is why high-PageRank links are highly desirable.
100 High-PageRank links
Get 100 Authoritative Links with unique anchor text from our powerful private network of high-PageRank (PR1-PR7) websites. Google values Authoritative Links more than ever, and these links send a huge amount of link juice to your website.
Social Signals are mentions about or links to your website on social networking sites. Google's recent algorithm changes place a larger than ever emphasis on Social Signals because they help Google determine what is 'popular' and should be ranked more prominently (i.e., higher) in search results.
2,500 Social Networking links
Get 2,500 new Social Links every month from the top social networking sites. Google gives more value than ever to the powerful social signals these links send to your website.
Natural Links are links from other websites to yours that the webmaster placed without any influence by you. Typically, they saw your website or content and felt it was worthwhile to pass along to their visitors. These links are valuable because Google (unrealistically) feels this is how all links should be built.
10,000 RSS Directory links
Get 10,000 new RSS Links every month from the top RSS Directories. In addition to linking directly to your site, these links encourage lots of other sites to naturally link to your site. Google highly values these natural links and rewards you for them.
MasterLinker builds 12,600 links to your site each month
Google's Penguin update to its algorithm penalizes sites for low quality links and rewards sites for relevant backlinks from authoritative sites, for social signals from social networking sites, and for links that have anchor text that varies.
Google Panda & Penguin Safe!
MasterLinker builds
Penguin Optimized links!
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How MasterLinker works
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Money Back GuaranteeOur Money Back Guarantee let's you try MasterLinker RISK-FREE for a full 15 days. You can see how easy MasterLinker is to use, and how powerful it is at getting your website to the top of Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines.

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Why Backlinks are so Important

The key to being successful online is getting people to visit to your website. Backlinks are the most important aspect in your efforts to get traffic for two reasons:

MasterLinker helps you build backlinks
1. Backlinks generate traffic from other websites to yours
2. Backlinks are the key to top rankings in search engines

The more high-quality backlinks your website has, the more traffic it will get from other websites, and the higher it will rank in search results.

And the higher your site ranks in search results, the more traffic it will get. In fact, getting your site ranked on the first page (the top 10 positions) is the key to getting a consistent flood of traffic to your site every month.

Share of search engine traffic
FACT: The #1 position in search results gets 52% of all search engine traffic, and the top 10 spots combined get more than 80% of all traffic!

Consequently, link-building is critical to any website owner...without it your website will not rank highly in search engines. But beware because the search engines (especially Google) are getting more picky in the types of the links they value, and "old-fashioned" link-building techniques no longer work.

The Game has Changed!

In the past, you could build any type of backlinks and Google would reward you with higher rankings in their search results. But when Google released their Penguin algorithm update on April 24, 2012 they completely changed the rules of the game.

Now low-quality "spammy" links are discounted, if not completely ignored. In the worst case scenario, Google might even punish your site if you abuse building those types of links to your website. As a result, the general consensus in the industry is to stop wasting your time and effort building those types of links.

Types of Links to Avoid
Links that are not in content that is relevant to your site
Large numbers of reciprocal links and linkwheel links
Lots of low-quality links from forums/blogs
Site-wide links in footers, headers, etc.
Links embedded in duplicate content
Links on pages that have hundreds of other links
Links from known link farms that have been de-indexed
FACT: Building low-quality backlinks won't help...and could possibly damage...your website's rankings.

In addition, Google used to reward links that had your exact keywords in the anchor text. The more links you built to your website with the same anchor text in the links, the higher your website would rank in search results for those keywords. Not anymore.

In the post-Penguin world, Google wants to see varied keywords in anchor text because they feel these links are more natural. As a result, Google devalues your links if they all have the exact same anchor text.

What type of links should you be building?

Since old-fashioned link-building no longer works, it's time to focus on what Google values now and build those links exclusively. Below is an overview of the link qualities that Google is looking for in backlinks to your site:

Quality over quantity. Gone are the days when you could build 10,000 low-quality links and get a serious boost in your rankings. Now, you need to focus on building fewer high-quality links because 100 quality links can have more of an effect on getting your site to the top of Google than 10,000 low-quality links.
Relevance. Links from pages that have nothing to do with your site no longer give your website a boost in rankings because Google considers these types of links "irrelevant" and greatly devalues them. Now your links need to appear on pages that have content that is relevant to your site, and that content needs to be unique.
Anchor Text variety. You can no longer use the exact same anchor text in every link. Now you have to some variety in your links' anchor text. In Google's eyes, this is how natural links are built and Google discounts large numbers of links that all have the exact same anchor text.
Social signals. Social networking has exploded, and Google places a huge importance on the social signals that links from these sites send to your website. The more links you have on social sites, and the "fresher" those links are, the more Google rewards your site with higher rankings because Google feels your site must be "popular" and in-demand.

MasterLinker automatically builds these types of backlinks for you!

MasterLinker helps your website get top rankings in GoogleMasterLinker was designed from the bottom up to build exactly the type of links that Google now wants. The result is your website gets a fresh mixture of the type of links that Google loves.

FACT: MasterLinker builds high-quality backlinks to your website that search engines love

Google and the other search engines reward you for those links with higher rankings in search results, and your website's pages rise to the top of search results for your chosen keywords.

While MasterLinker™ is very powerful, it is also very easy to use. Simply setup your account one time and it runs on auto-pilot to build the links that will help your website get to the top of search results.

The best part is MasterLinker is extremely affordable. It costs a small fraction of the thousands of dollars a month you would have to spend on advertising to get the same traffic from search engines.

For complete details on how MasterLinker™ builds high-quality backlinks to your website that Google loves, see how MasterLinker works.

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Customer Testimonials
MasterLinker Customer Testimonials
"MasterLinker is a brilliant idea! It has completely revolutionized link-building at a time when link-building needed to be revolutionized.

"Out with the massive amounts of spammy low-quality links and in with high-quality authoritative links.

"My results have never been better, and I can now relax while MasterLinker does all the work for me. THANK YOU!!!!"
-Brad Hartley
"We used to build tons of low-quality profile and blog links, and we got great results...until Penguin. Our site got nailed HARD by Penguin and completely dropped out of Google's rankings.

"With Google's new focus
on high-quality links, we didn't know where to turn because all of the other old link programs focus on building 'old school' links that Google doesn't like anymore.

"Then we came across MasterLinker and figured we would give it a try. All I can say is amazing! Within a week our site re-entered Google's index, and one month later it is now higher than it ever was before. I'm one happy...and relieved...camper
-Vince Rohl
Money Back Guarantee
Money Back
Our 100% Money Back Guarantee means you have no risk in trying MasterLinker. If you aren't satisfied with the results, let us know and we will promptly refund your money.
Satisfaction Guaranteed!
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of your Backlinks
Backlink Booster™ maximizes the power of your existing backlinks to help your website rise to the top of search rankings. And MasterLinker subscribers get a 30% discount
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